10. marts 2019 - 10:00 indtil 16:00
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Bear Medicine Workshop | Intuitive Wellness Center | søndag, 10. marts 2019

As we come out of hibernation and begin emerging in the new world, bear medicine can help as a transition to a bountiful spring. Instead of coming out of your den hangry, and bear-y irritable - why not find a community gathering to immerse yourself in the graceful transition of the ursa major influence?

Join us for a day long workshop including herbal tea, ceremony, and a bear-y delightful bear healing. Dancing, drumming, and channeled messages from the Great Bear Spirit to accompany us throughout the day. Who knows, perhaps the Great Bear Spirit will speak through you?

Workshop is based on sliding scale, from $60-$150. This is interactive, and you will be walking away with a power object or two.

About the leader of this workshop: Stephanie is a Shamanic Practitioner that serves the Northern Virginia/MD/DC area. She has been working intimately with bear medicine for over 20 years, and has been a student of shamanism for just as long. With teachers such as Mary Tyrtle Rooker, Christina Pratt, and influenced by Sandra Ingerman, Evelyn Rysdyk and Betsy Bergstrom - Stephanie offers a lot of hands on experience to allow you to experience Bear Medicine in a way that compliments your life in a way that empowers you.