13. august 2020 - 21:00 indtil 22:00
Søhesten, Copenhagen
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Concert - Selected Thursdays at Søhesten | torsdag, 13. august 2020

Through the winter nights here at the bar, Søhesten will be hosting some concerts with different artists where they can dive into past & future sounds.

There will most likely be a jazzy vibe, at least an acoustic vibe throughout the nights, all in all; it will be different artists that's going to test some of their music out in an environment where you, the guest, can kick back and give it a listen.

We start at 21:00 and will continue for around an hour.

The Bar is open from 16:00 through to 01:00.


23/1 - Pasborg Invites - A Thursday each month

20/2 - Esben Brandt together with Roland, Fryland & Joaniquet.

27/2 - Pasborg Invites Dawda Jobarteh

12/3 - Pasborg Invites Dawda Jobarteh⁣

⁣19/3 - The Nest (Mads Nørgaard, David Besiakov, Bartal Lærsson)⁣

16/4 - Pasborg Invites TBA

21/5 - Pasborg Invites TBA

You are welcome to bring some take-away in the early hours, just help us - help you, by bringing the trash to the bar once done so it doesn’t smell too muchy much.

Free entry

Respect the music

Bar 16:00 - 01:00

Live 21:00 - 22:00

Minimum 18 of age