26. maj 2020 - 21:45 indtil 23:30
SALIG, Copenhagen
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Get rid of the stress Gong Bath (intensive) | tirsdag, 26. maj 2020

Most people experience stressful situations. Stress itself is not bad or negative, as it is designed to alert you of beginning danger. Prolonged stress however, not paying attention to your body’s stress signals, can be very dangerous. If we disregard the stress signals, physical symptoms, mood swings and relationship problems may arise.

Calm your mind, relax and start your day in the different way. All the answers are within you. You only need to calm your mind and talk to your inner self.

At Vita de Lux, we have put together a unique program for getting rid of stress.

- Breathing techniques (30 min)

- Gong bath (1 hr)

Activities led by Aiste Venskune.

Aiste is a psychologist, Gong master and coach who delivers workshops and lectures in mindfulness, teamwork, emotion, stress and conflict management. She leads Reiki and sound healing events, and teaches meditation techniques and breathing exercises.

Blending together sounds of gongs, singing bowls, kalimba, koshi bells and other instruments, her transformative sounds send the mind and body to realms of deep restoration. As the brain moves in Alpha and/or Theta states, the sounds will trigger a sympathetic nervous system response that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate and relieve stress.

Sound baths are a unique experience, as guests lay down on mats; we let the vibrations of instruments saturate into our body energetically, emotionally and physically.

Registration – email or phone 50355323.

Price - 160 DKK (paying by transfer or MobilePay 255538); 180 DKK paying at the door.

Payment information: reg.nr. 2343, kontonr. 6278553734, MobilePay 255538 Reference: intensive(date)