18. februar 2018 - 16:30 indtil 18:30
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Psychology Workshop | VerdensKulturCentret | søndag, 18. februar 2018

If you are interested to learn about anxiety and how to control it, this is your class!
In this workshop the teacher Monika will share her knowledge about anxiety, anxiety disorders, and interventions that have been found effective in treatment of anxiety. The class will combine a short lecture, group works and exercises.

About the teacher: Monika is a clinical psychologist currently completing her PhD at Copenhagen University. Her project concerns children with anxiety disorders who do not adequately benefit from treatment. Monika is interested in anxiety and depression in both children and adult populations, and cognitive treatments used to alleviate these problems.

The class will take place in VerdenskulturCenter, Room 105 on the 18th February from 4.30 to 6:30 p.m.

You will have a nice time meeting people, learning something new and you will support the association Barnet Blå Hus (). This association work to support children who grow up in families who have special challenges with drug or alcohol abuse.

***** We have limited spots, so remember to sign up: