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Sharón Clark (US) - A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan | Copenhagen, DK | Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen | lørdag, 06. oktober 2018

>> I never thought I'd hear a singer with the range, musicality and command of tone and timbre that was Sarah at her best, but now I have. << (JazzTimes)

SHARÓN CLARK (US) - A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan

After the great success and debut in Paris and Copenhagen last year Miss Clark will do a stop in Denmark once more with her Swedish pianist Mattias Nilsson on their European tour which also includes concerts in Sweden, France and Poland this October.

Sharón Clark, sultry chanteuse world-renowned for her her vibrato and incomparable tonality, has been heralded by every major newspaper including the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Few singers are compared to the great ones. Ms. Clark embodies the blessed ones who had the voices heard once in a lifetime. Hearing her live makes the listener feel the rapture of perfection.

Sharón Clark and Mattias Nilsson met in a jazz club in New York in 2012 and kept in touch over the years until Nilsson finally managed to arrange for Sharón to come and perform in Sweden in 2014 for the first time. Their first tour was a great success with sold out concerts everywhere and since then she has been coming every year. After last year´s debut in Denmark at Jazzhus Montmartre Miss Clark is starting to make a name for herself in Europe for real.

SHÁRON CLARK - vocals / US