13. juli 2019 - 10:30
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Yoga and Natural Health weekend | Natha Yoga Center | lørdag, 13. juli 2019

Yoga and Natural health weekend
experience the power of Conscious healing
1st-2nd of July 2017
Saturday 10.30-21.00 and Sunday 9.30-17.30

Our health is the foundation of our wellbeing. According to the Oriental spiritual tradition the normal state of the human being is perfectly healthy and happy. Unfortunately nowadays, we are made to believe that a little bit of stomach problems are “normal”, “everybody has headaches” and “PMS is a normal feminine condition”… (!?!) In the Chinese tradition the royal doctor was abundantly rewarded as long as the noble family was healthy and decapitated when the king would get sick. In the modern western society, people are convinced to take as many pills as long as possible for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry and other companies that profit… Illness is regarded as a profitable business – what about our health? During this weekend we aim to address some natural possible alternatives to regain our inborn rights: to be healthy and happy!
Education is the key for people to make better choices for their health and wellbeing. All what surrounds us together with all our actions and thoughts can improve or destroy our heath.
In this weekend we aim to put awareness on all levels of our life: physical, sexual, mental, emotional, spiritual for regaining harmony and balance, health and contentment.
The topics of the seminars and lectures develop the following:
*some of the natural solutions for living a healthy and harmonious life through learning essential elements about the human being structure and the way it is functioning
*techniques of Self-awareness and spiritual principles of the conscious healing
*Health and wellness is a right of life rather than a luxury
*yoga, Tantra and meditation for a happy healthy life
* Principles of spiritual healing,
* Ayurveda and the herbal remedies,
* color therapy,
* the healing power of music,
* Yogic techniques for purifying the body,
* Yoga sessions for awakening the benefic inner fire which brings, and busts up your optimism and enthusiasm,
* Yoga for opening the heart chakra,
* guided meditations,
* The healing power of art,
* healing through water,
* Vegetarianism and its benefic effect upon the health and wellbeing,
* Conscious eating and healthy diet,
* how to overcome Stress and anxiety,
* The healing power of optimism,
* Mental hygiene – the source of a balance and harmony on all levels,
* Happy hormones,
* yoga nidra – the profoundly regenerative yogic sleep,
* sexual healing,
* Perfect ways to start your day in a healthy and optimistic way,
* benefits of therapeutic massage,
* live meditation music
* Healing through love, and much more.

The weekend will be kept in the beautiful venue of Natha yogacenter, providing vegetarian yoga buffet, terrace lounge, bazar and an amazing loving atmosphere…

• Sign up now at www.nathayogacenter.dk

• Early bird price 300kr (first 100 tickets). Normal price 350kr

• Payment: Please transfer the payment for the event to our MOBILEPAY ‎59673 as your final confirmation for your participation. Please mark the payment as 'yogahealth'. If you pay for more people add their name as well. For example 'yogahealth+Peter'. As we have limited places available, please make your payment as soon as possible to secure your place. Access is based on first appearances of the payments.