20. februar 2020 - 8:00
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Denver AP English & History Mock Reading | Lowry Conference Center | torsdag, 20. februar 2020

The  Mock  Reading  is  a  preparatory  PD  event  for  AP  teachers  that  mirrors  the  College  Board’s  process  for  scoring  AP  exams  at  the  annual  College  Board  Reading.  Participating  teachers receive  practice  exams  for  their  AP  courses,  which  students  will  take  prior  to the  Mock Reading.  Teachers  bring  these  completed  assessments  to  the  Mock  Reading  where  they  are  normed  by  a  College  Board  Leader  prior  to  collaboratively  scoring  one  another’s  assessments  with  student  identifiers  removed.  Teachers  leave  with  an  in-depth  understanding  of  the  expectations  of  the  exam,  knowledge  of  their  students’  current  abilities,  and  individualized  feedback  to  provide  to  students  in  advance  of  the  actual  AP  test.  Since  its  inception,  the  Mock  Reading  has  been  Colorado’s  highest-rated  AP  training.
Which sessions will be offered?

AP English Language & Composition - Presenter: Ruben Rodriguez
AP English Literature & Composition - Presenter: Coming Soon
AP US History - Presenter: Kyle Vanderwall
AP Government & Politics - Presenter: Coming Soon

Participant Information

Participants will receive a link to exam(s) after registering from event coordinator
Participants are responsible for printing his/her own exams
Participants can bring a total of 40 completed exams
Teachers must be present to have their exams scored
Multiple choice should be scored by teachers - do not bring to reading

Registration Deadline February 15, 2020