08. august 2020 - 11:45 indtil 20:00
Copenhagen Australian Football, Frederiksberg
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CAF vs Giants & Old Fish game (CAF // HANDS IN YOUR PANTS) | lørdag, 08. august 2020

The DAFL is back!

It's been almost 2 years - an entire season and a worldwide pandemic - since Copenhagen Australian Football (CAF) hosted its last home game. Nevertheless, we have come out on the other side and are ready to play some football! And that needs to be celebrated.

CAF has a long history of football and the footy break has been too long, we would, therefore, like to invite all past and present members of CAF/Barracudas and DAFL to come and celebrate the return of Australian Football in Valby and Denmark. The day will include CAF’s first home game - which will be played against Copenhagen Giants, before hosting the great Old fish vs. Young Fish game to celebrate the return of CAF as well as raise money for Hands In Your Pants (HIYP) and testicular cancer awareness. This will be followed by the first annual HIYP run.

HIYP is started by three of CAF’s members and is an NGO/charity that wishes to spread awareness about testicular cancer.

The CAF//HIYP day is open for all! Competition winners will receive generous prizes. CAF and HIYP hope to see many people as possible of all shapes and sizes. All are invited.

BBQ and Beers will be going ALL day :)

If you would like to give a hand feel free to contact either SOS (Nick), Atiba, Rasmus, Jason, Thomas P or Stuey Ross.

Look forward to seeing everyone ! :)