26. september 2019 - 18:00 indtil 19:30
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Revolutionise your health with essential oils | Cafe Cadeau | torsdag, 26. september 2019

You want to boost your health naturally, you want to reduce the toxins in, on, and around you…and maybe you’ve heard about essential oils and you’re wondering if they really work…We use these oils every single day in our house - from cleaning, to home pharmacy, emotional support, immune support and much more. They're basically our go to to create the health and wellbeing we want and to support it when it needs that extra boost. In this class I’ll teach you how you can safely and effectively use these oils at home for physical and emotional wellbeing. I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology coach, I understand how important nutrition is and how it greatly impacts our life. Since discovering these doTERRA essential oils I’ve been blown away again and again about how supportive they are to my – and my family’s - current and preventative health and healing journey. It’s my passion to teach others how to elevate their wellbeing using simple, natural, effective tools.I'll teach you about:- What is an essential oil?- Why would I use them?- How would I use them?- Why would I choose dōTERRA?
Exactly which ones to use for all the common ailments you can think of so that you have natural solutions on hand for the below, and more:

Improve sleep

Raise your energy levels

Boost your immunity and purify the air of bacteria and viruses

Manage your moods and emotions – how to calm anxiety, stress, lift low moods

Relieve sore muscles and joints

Improve skin

Soothe head tension

Ease digestive discomforts

Ditch your chemical household cleaners and make your own in 3 easy steps

Help your whole family, from newborns to grandparents, with a natural home pharmacy

You’ll leave with tips for your personal health goals and if you’re ready to create a lifestyle change with essential oils, I’ll explain how you can get these oils into your home at the best price. 
Book your spot and I look forward to seeing you there!