26. februar 2020 - 15:30 indtil 21:30
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Web Analytics Wednesday - Copenhagen Feb 2020 | Københavns Professionshøjskole, Campus Carlsberg | onsdag, 26. februar 2020

Web Analytics Wednesday is an international networking event connecting peers within analytics and marketing through talks from international and local speakers. IIH Nordic has facilitated the Danish WAW by arranging recurrent events in Copenhagen and periodic events in Århus and abroad.
At every WAW we aim to secure top-knowledgeable and experienced speakers within the field as well as making sure the sessions will be relevant, updating and exciting to you. Joining a Web Analytics Wednesday is not only about gaining new insights or hearing about interesting learning experiences, it is also a great opportunity to meet likeminded professionals from whom you can learn or teach about your own experience in the field. Be a part of this community!
Join us for a night full of great speakers, cases and trends from the analytical world. Learn how to get more out of your online data, expand your network and connect with peers over beer and snacks.